AV-Pro engineering

We take pride in designing units to your specific demands. They are user-friendly, operate on proven technology and ensure an easy installation as well as maintenance. We design units from preliminary to basic and to final package design.

Want to know more? Take a look at some of our built units and their specific properties!

Space saving and user-friendly; our heaters and resistors make sure they are low maintenance yet high functioning. With their economic design they will fit in perfectly. Our products also have many environmental benefits amongst others being environmentally friendly via its CO2 reduction. For more detailed information feel free to consult us!

With our spare parts we considerable enhance the lifecycle of an installation. All of our spare parts are from an original equipment manufacturer. Which, in itself benefits its durability. Furthermore, they are warranted to ensure a long lifespan. Whenever parts are no longer in production, and therefore not available, we offer the equivalent quality in the same price range.