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Flange heater 6x9kW

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Flange heater 6x9kW/460V

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Electric flange heater for Electric cooling water pre heater, capacity 6x9kW/460V

Length: 470mm

Connection: ∆

Voltage V 380 400 420 440 460 480
Power kW 37,0 41,1 45,3 49,7 54,4 59,2
Ampere A 56,4 59,4 62,2 65,2 68,2 71,2

Flanged heaters are commonly used in many chemical, petroleum and water based applications. Consisting normally of an ANSI rated flange with several hairpin elements or bugle tubular elements extending from the face of the flange, this electric heater uses direct heat application to the liquid medium. A thermowell is often used within the bundle of elements to allow for a probe (either a thermocouple, RTD or basic mechanical thermostat) to relay temperature readings to a digital control panel that cycles and maintains the desired target temperature. Often a high limit sensor is also used to help protect liquid mediums from over heating and, offers protection to the flange heater as well.

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Gross weight 8 kg
Gross dimensions 70 × 21 × 20 cm
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